Photo by David Monceau

Photo by David Monceau

WeStreet 2016

What drives street photographers to roam the streets of a city for hours and hours in search of a story in a frame? Is it our passion for mankind or our curiosity to catch a glimpse into strangers’ lives?

No matter what the real reason is, we all learn to see and appreciate beauty in daily life, the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

We are light seekers and storytellers. The need to freeze the moment with our camera, which becomes an extension of our vision, is what keeps us going tirelessly, city block after city block.

In this collection of 156 photographs, made by 115 photographers in 36 countries, the viewer is invited into the intimate world of strangers from all walks of life. From New York City to Bangkok, the story which unfolds in each frame is left to your imagination.

WeStreet 2016 is a celebration of life through the lens of light seekers and storytellers.

Valerie Jardin
October 2016