About us
In 2015, we started this non-profit project with the four of us with only one intention: Create a great book and inspire everyone with the end result. In 2016 we added two more judges to inrease diversity in the final selections.

"We are light seekers and storytellers. The need to freeze the moment with our camera, which becomes an extension of our vision, is what keeps us going tirelessly, city block after city block."
Valerie Jardin, 2016

"Street photography means taking self portraits thru strangers. It's one of the most intimate ways to connect with the world while at the same timeexpressing your deep love for it."
Marius Vieth, 2015

We invite you to go through the galleries and enjoy this amazing work.

WeStreet Team

Willem Jonkers (2016, 2015)
Sandra Jonkers (2016, 2015)
Steven Gonzalez (2016, 2015)
Arek Rataj (2016, 2015)
Marie-Lou Chatel (2016)
Philip Cleminson (2016)